Alcohol-Free Marriage Podcast

An interview with Karla Adkins about her book “And She Came Tumbling Down”.

The Sober Edge Podcast

This conversation is raw and real, heartbreaking and triumphant. Listen as I share my personal story, breaking the silence that surrounds this disease.

Present & Sober Podcast

Listen in as I talk about my journey through addiction and cirrhosis to joy and healing shame.

Alcohol Tipping Point

We need to talk about your liver with Karla Adkins: A story of recovery and freedom from drinking and liver disease.

How she came tumbling down with Karla Adkins.

This Naked Mind Podcast

Tune in to find out how the science and knowledge inside of This Naked Mind helped Karla find freedom from alcohol.

Publish Your Purpose

Watch Karla’s official book launch interview with publisher, Publish Your Purpose.

Go Solo

Interested in an entrepreneurial journey and what it takes? Read Karla’s story!

2023 NYC Big Book Award Winner in the category of addiction and recovery.

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