Breaking Free

Break free from alcohol’s chains and rewrite your narrative Break free from alcohol’s chains and rewrite your narrative

It takes a lot of strength and courage to break free from alcohol’s defining grasp. Have you been making progress, yet still find yourself caught in the cycle of “on again, off again” drinking patterns? It’s time to break free.

Welcome to a community of strong, determined women who are on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. If you’ve taken significant steps in understanding the impact of alcohol on your body and mind, if you’ve engaged with transformative programs and alcohol-free challenges, you’re one of us. A woman who’s making progress but is still seeking freedom.

It’s time to leave behind the frustrating patterns of alcohol’s grip.

Join a community that understands your journey intimately. We know the battles you face when life gets tough and alcohol seems like an easy refuge. 

Our mission is to guide you, uncovering the keys to your empowerment and transformation and reclaim your power. 

Together, let’s celebrate every milestone, every victory, and every step towards a liberated and vibrant life.

"I actually have mentioned the program to a couple of friends and told them about the smaller group size and that the coaches were real people who have experienced and know the "stuff" they are presenting. They make it real by sharing their stories. Very calm, cool and collected in their approach to this difficult topic and content as some people are not ready to share themselves with others yet!"

Breaking Free Participant

"It is a small intimate group with invaluable content and wonderful coaches!"

Breaking Free Participant

"Karla and Lorna have given me hope that I can thrive living an alcohol free life and have enabled me to better understand my beliefs around alcohol. The small group coaching calls were invaluable and I looked forward to them. If you still believe that alcohol is still serving you in some way but want to break free I recommend to join this program!"

Breaking Free Participant

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Karla Adkins

Karla is on a mission to normalize not drinking and to help people make the shift from feeling shame to being courageous. Drawing from her own experience as well as her certificate as a Certified Senior Coach through This Naked Mind, Karla helps put people back in control of their lives by empowering them with the tools and knowledge they need to remove their desire to drink. In her free time, Karla spends time with her family including her husband, daughter, and dog on the East Coast of South Carolina.

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Lorna Wilson

Life's twists can veer us off course, and as a young widow, Lorna learned the power of turning life’s trials into triumphs. As a professionally certified Life Coach, Lorna is dedicated to helping women on their own path to personal growth and fulfillment. Lorna's unique expertise also extends to alcohol-free coaching, helping women embrace vitality by breaking free from the belief that we can’t `do life` without wine! Through her coaching programs, she assists women in reevaluating their relationship with alcohol and discovering a happier, healthier life! Lorna lives in Western Canada with her husband and large extended family!

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